PASBO , A brand, a history, a guarantee

In 1959 the first agricultural machinery manufacturer of the Mezzogiorno was founded. In the land of the Baroque, PASBO has grown to become one of the most interesting realities among the manufacturers of rotovators. On the market for over 60 years, PASBO rotovators have been designed thinking to all possible applications, as well as the needs of their operators.


Pasbo G51

Pasbo G51, the small professional rotary tiller par excellence, is equipped with a forward gear that allows you to work even in the smallest spaces, guaranteeing an excellent milling result.
Despite its small size, the Pasbo G51 is a machine designed to work on all types of soils, therefore all the transmission elements (shafts, gears, etc.) are made with steels that undergo the heat treatment of cementation and hardening.

Pasbo G51-R

Pasbo G51 R, is equipped with a forward gear plus a reverse gear, resulting in a simple and complete rotary tiller at the same time.
Transmission elements (shafts, gears, etc.) are made with steels that undergo the heat treatment of case-hardening

Pasbo G83

With a 2-speed forward gearbox plus 1 reverse gear with Diesel and Petrol engines up to 7 Hp, the Pasbo
G83 is a tiller suitable for all types of terrain, useful for small gardening jobs but also for intensive work for vegetable crops and similar.

Pasbo G64

Pasbo G64 is the tiller designed to get the most out of light engines. It is equipped with 3 forward 1 reverse gears, making it robust, reliable and well balanced. The Diesel and Petrol engines up to 7 Hp allow an intense and continuous use of the machine

Pasbo G94

Pasbo G94 guarantees total working reliability over time, resulting strong and incredibly balanced machine. It is equipped with 3 gears and 1 reverse gear, and the Diesel and Petrol engines up to 12 Hp allow intense and continuous use of the machine, guaranteeing great speed on all types of terrain.

Pasbo G84

Pasbo G84 is equipped with 3 gears 1 reverse. The Diesel and Petrol engines from 9 hp upwards allow an intense and continuous use of the machine, guaranteeing great speed on all types of terrain.

Quality control

Specialized technological laboratories constantly carry out quality and hardness checks. The machines comply with current safety regulations UNI EN 709 2010.


The new clutch system patented by the company, makes it totally different from the other machines on the market.


The high technological specialization achieved, favors a continuous search for new technical solutions that allow to obtain a higher performance with less effort.


The Pasbo brand has an established history over the years thanks to the products always in line with the high standards


For each component, the right material dictated by experience has been selected. This is a guarantee of longer product life.

Assistance and guarantee

Support, pre and post-sales warranty assistance on all products

The double command

Our patent
Discover the double command


In 1959 in the province of Lecce the first factory for the production of agricultural machinery in southern Italy, Pasbo, was born. In the Baroque land, the name PASBO grew over time and established itself as one of the most important companies in the sector on the Italian scene.


Today the company produces various models with powers ranging from 4hp to 10hp using high quality raw materials in its products. Moreover, thanks to the presence on the market for more than 60 years, PASBO agricultural machines have been designed taking into account all the modern specifications and needs of their operators, and are equipped with the CE certification mark of the European Union, resulting in compliance with UNI EN 709 2010 standard. We are always looking for new systems that help the user of our machines to carry out his work in a more comfortable and safe way. For this reason Pasbo has several exclusive patents on its machines, which make them unique on the market.



The agricultural mechanization sector is constantly changing, so the farm is not limited to the development of its products. What we are sure of is that the quality guarantee will always mark PASBO branded products.


We provide a competent and professional consulting service to guide you in the purchase of the product that best meets your needs.

We will be by your side even after purchase, offering you quick repairs, spare parts and accessories, we are aware of how important it is to always have performing and reliable machines

Our products are made entirely in our factories, our machines best represent made in Italy. We work every day with the aim of improving ourselves, but 60 years of history are the best guarantee for all our customers

All our machines comply with current UNI EN 709 2010 safety regulations

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