longside those who work, for 60 years


In the land of the Baroque, PASBO has grown to become one of the most interesting realities among the manufacturers of motor hoes.

On the market for over 60 years, PASBO rotary tillers are designed taking into account all possible applications, as well as the needs of their operators.

Pasbo always at the forefront

A glimpse into the future with strengths of our past

In the design

The high technological specialization achieved favors a continuous search for new technical solutions that allow for greater performance with less effort.

In the materials used

For each component, the right material was selected, dictated by experience. This is a guarantee of longer life.

In the processing of every detail

All the components of the PASBO motor hoes are produced internally in the company, through the use of high-tech machine tools, in three plants located all in the province of Lecce.

In control

Internal specialized control laboratories constantly perform quality checks on sample pieces.

In compliance with current regulations

It would have been sufficient to readjust the old models to the new regulations, but an engineering study and a total redesign of the rotovators make the PASBO one of the most current for the needs of each user, as well as being a safe machine compliant with current legislation in terms of safety UNI EN 709-2010. We are constantly looking for new solutions to make the farmer's work ever safer.

Without problems

Because we care about your and our work

The use of PASBO rotary tillers does not create difficulties with any type of terrain.

Our best reference is the continuous success we have with a huge national and international clientele.

PASBO also produce a wide range of accessories, which can be easily and quickly applied to all rotary tillers.

Using these accessories, the rotovators can be quickly transformed into a mower, motor pump, spraying wagon, potato digger, etc …

All this makes PASBO rotary tillers indispensable machines that ALWAYS work.

A brand, a history, a guarantee

The PASBO brand has always been and will continue to be synonymous with quality, reliability and guarantee, maintaining and pursuing the policy of a 100% made in Italy product.